Krylon® Fusion for Plastic® BRUSH-ON Paint

Krylon® Fusion for Plastic® BRUSH-ON Paint

KRYLON® FUSION FOR PLASTIC® BRUSH-ON PAINT is the first paint of its kind that bonds directly to most plastics. This no-prep, superbond paint bonds easily to PVC pipes, plastic conduit, vinyl molding and siding.

  • No sanding or priming needed
  • Indoor/Outdoor use on most plastics and hard to bond surfaces

Available Sheens


Red Pepper (Safety Red) 32 oz. - K05302 MSDS
Sunbeam (Safety Yellow) 32 oz. - K05303 MSDS
Hunter Green 32 oz. - K05306 MSDS
Patriotic Blue (Safety Blue) 32 oz. - K05305 MSDS
Khaki 32 oz. - K05307 MSDS
Espresso 32 oz. - K05304 MSDS
White 32 oz. - K05300 MSDS
Black 32 oz. - K05301 MSDS

The colors that appear on screen may not match actual color.

Dry to Touch

  • 1 hour

Dry to handle

  • after 4 hours