IRON GUARD® Water-based Acrylic Enamel


Iron Guard® is a high gloss, 100% acrylic, waterborne, corrosion resistant coating designed for new construction or maintenance use. This product can be used directly over prepared substrates.


  • Can be applied directly to new and clean metal without primer
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Excellent early moisture resistance
  • Flash rust/early rust resistance
  • VOC compliant everywhere
Product # ColorSizePDSSDSUPC
K11001011 OSHA Red1 gal.035777658215
K11004991 Safety Orange1 gal.035777658246
K11029101 OSHA Yellow1 gal.035777658208
K11004711 New Caterpillar Yellow1 gal.035777678121
K11044001 Safety Green1 gal.035777658239
K11018001 OSHA Blue1 gal.035777658222
K11004041 Gloss White1 gal.035777658130
K11004045 Gloss White5 gal.035777658147
K11003271 Light Machinery Gray1 gal.035777658253
K11006631 Dark Machinery Gray1 gal.035777658260
K11001201 Flat Black1 gal.035777658192
K11007751 Semi-Gloss Black1 gal.035777658178
K11001801-16 Red Oxide Primer1 gal.724504070160
K11001801-20 Red Oxide Primer5 gal.724504070177
K11001802-16 Gray Primer1 gal.724504070184
K11001802-20 Gray Primer5 gal.724504070191
K11001803-16 White Primer1 gal.724504070221
K11001803-20 White Primer5 gal.724504070238
K11072501 White Base 11 gal.035777658079
K11072505 White Base 15 gal.035777658086
K11072521 Deep Base 21 gal.035777658093
K11072525 Deep Base 25 gal.035777658109
K11072531 Clear Base1 gal.035777658116
K11072535 Clear Base5 gal.035777658123
K11001131 Gloss Black1 gal.035777658154
K11001135 Gloss Black5 gal.035777658161


  • Can be used as packaged or tinted – Primers not for use on concrete

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Concrete, Metal, Steel