LINE-UP® Athletic Field Striping Paint


For athletic fields, where bright, crisp lines are required, Line-Up® Striping Paints provide a professional looking job quickly and easily. These highly pigmented paints produce sharp, durable stripes in one pass. They are available in both aerosol and bulk, across a large selection of colors.


  • Highly pigmented formulas fortified with optical brighteners for eye-catching lines that pop under stadium lighting
  • Won't harm grass
  • Won't stain uniforms
  • Safe alternative to lime
  • Fast drying
Product # ColorSizePDSSDSUPC
K08308007 Athletic Scarlet17 oz075577000449
K08307007 Athletic Orange17 oz075577083077
K08306007 Athletic Yellow17 oz075577083060
K08309007 Athletic Royal17 oz075577000456
K08313007 Athletic Navy17 oz075577000494
K08312007 Athletic Purple17 oz075577000487
K08305 Athletic White18 oz.075577083053
K08310007 Athletic Black17 oz075577000463
K08314000 Athletic Fluorescent Orange17 oz075577000500
K08315000 Athletic Fluorescent Green17 oz075577000517

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