QUIK-MARK™ Water-based Inverted Marking Paints


Both APWA and Fluorescent colors are available in water-based and solvent-based formulations, in 16-oz., 20-oz. and our 25-oz. size cans. One-coat coverage and our Spray-Thru™ cap allow for inverted painting ease. Use on concrete, pavement, gravel, grass, brick, asphalt, athletic fields, utility, excavation, ground surveying and construction marking.


  • High-solids formulation for bold, bright, visible markings
  • Fast-drying formula penetrates and adheres to hot and cold surfaces
  • Convenient Spray-Thru™ cap
  • Non-clogging Spray tip
Product # ColorSizePDSSDSUPC
A03404004 Brilliant Red12 oz.075577934041
A03911004 Brilliant Red17 oz075577039111
A03403004 Brilliant Orange12 oz.075577934034
A03905004 Orange17 oz075577039050
A03402004 Brilliant Yellow12 oz.075577934027
A03921004 High Visibility Yellow17 oz075577453078
A03801004 Utility Yellow17 oz075577938018
A03407004 Brilliant Green12 oz.075577934072
A03904004 Green17 oz075577039043
A03406004 Brilliant Blue12 oz.075577934065
A03903004 Blue17 oz075577039036
A03401004 Brilliant White12 oz.075577934010
A03901004 Brilliant White17 oz075577939015
A03405004 Fluorescent Pink12 oz.075577934058
A03612004 Fluorescent Pink17 oz075577936120
A03715004 Fluorescent Purple17 oz075577037155
A03409004 Fluorescent Red12 oz.075577934096
A03610004 Fluorescent Safety Red17 oz075577936106
A03410004 Fluorescent Red/Orange12 oz.075577934102
A03650004 Fluorescent Red/Orange17 oz075577936502
A03630004 Fluorescent Green17 oz075577936304
A03620004 Fluorescent Caution Blue17 oz075577936205
A03923004 Black17 oz075577006151
A03408004 Fluorescent Orange12 oz.075577934089
A03700004 Fluorescent Orange17 oz075577937004

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Concrete, Grass