QUIK-TAP™ for QUIK-MARK® Water-based Inverted Marking Paints


“INTRODUCING KRYLON® INDUSTRIAL’S QUIK-TAP™ Reusable Spray Device for QUIK-MARK™ Paints! With a few easy twists, Quik-Tap allows you to get more paint out of each can, with easy disposal of empty cans in ANY recycling or waste bin. Punctured, empty cans minimize the need for hazardous waste disposal for you and your team.

Quik-Tap is ready to use in seconds and lasts for up to 130 cans. It works with the same Tallboy™ Quik-Mark paint, marking wand and Glove Grip™ cap you’ve come to rely on. It maximizes productivity, minimizes downtime and reduces supply runs back to the truck. WE’VE GOT SMARTER MARKING ON TAP™”


  • Designed to get all of the paint out of the can
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Lasts up to 130 cans
  • Easy disposal fo empty cans in any recycling or waste bin
  • Minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity
Product # ColorSDSUPC
QT0363000 WB Fluorescent Safety Green075577014163
QT0362000 WB Fluorescent Caution Blue075577014156
QT0371500 WB Fluorescent Purple075577014149
QT0361200 WB Fluorescent Pink075577014132
QT0361000 WB Fluorescent Red075577014125
QT0365000 WB Fluorescent Red/Orange075577014118
QT0370000 WB Fluorescent Orange075577013982
QT0392300 WB APWA Black075577014101
QT0390100 WB APWA White075577014095
QT0350000 WB APWA Clear075577014088
QT0390400 WB APWA Green075577014071
QT0390300 WB APWA Blue075577014064
QT0391100 WB APWA Brilliant Red075577014057
QT0390500 WB APWA Orange075577014040
QT0392100 WB APWA Hi-Vis Yellow075577014033
QT0380100 WB APWA Utility Yellow075577014026
QT1000000 Quik-Tap Device075577014323

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22 oz


Concrete, Grass