RUST TOUGH® 250 Acrylic Alkyd Enamel


Rust Tough® 250 performs like a traditional alkyd and has a VOC content of 250 g/L or less. It is intended for new construction, commercial, and institutional applications, and maintenance use in moderate-to-severe industrial environments. It is acceptable for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.


  • Corrosion-resistant DTM
  • Protects against chemicals, fumes, oil, and grease stains
  • Excellent hide, color and gloss retention
  • Superior chip, crack and peel resistance
  • VOC compliant everywhere except SCAQMD
Product # ColorPDSSDSUPC
K00110101-16 Safety Red724504003830
K00110499-16 Safety Orange724504003878
K00110451-16 Equipment Yellow724504003847
K00112910-16 Safety Yellow724504002284
K00111800-16 Safety Blue724504004363
K00110404-16 Gloss White724504001058
K00110327-16 Light Machinery Gray724504002567
K00110663-16 Dark Machinery Gray724504002543
K00110113-16 Gloss Black724504002277
K00110695-16 Red Oxide Primer724504003854
K00110825-16 Gray Primer724504001331

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Metal, Steel, Wood