Thinners & Reducers

Krylon® Industrial offers thinners and reducers to assure the correct tailor-made properties are obtained for each coating or application requirement.

Product # Thinner TypeSizePDSSDSUPC
K01663000-16 Acetone1 gal.075577024582
K01663000-20 Acetone5 gal.075577024599
K01663000-27 AcetoneDrum075577025329
K01661800-16 Lacquer Thinner1 gal.075577025497
K01661800-20 Lacquer Thinner5 gal.075577025503
K01661300-16 MEK1 gal.075577024483
K01661300-20 MEK5 gal.075577016617
K01661600-16 Mineral Spirits1 gal.075577024520
K01661600-20 Mineral Spirits5 gal.075577024537
K01661524-16 Toluene1 gal.075577024490
K01661714-16 VM&P Naptha1 gal.075577024544
K01661714-20 VM&P Naptha5 gal.075577024551
K01661530-16 Xylene1 gal.075577024506
K01661530-20 Xylene5 gal.075577024513

Additional information

Thinner Type

Acetone, Lacquer Thinner, MEK, Mineral Spirits, Toluene, VM&P Naptha, Xylene


1 gal., 5 gal., Drum