TOUGH COAT® Acrylic Alkyd Enamel


Tough Coat Acrylic Akyd Enamels features our exclusive EZ TOUCH® FANSPRAY® Nozzle. This patented valve sprays a horizontal or vertical pattern and requires 50% less finger pressure than any other paint valve. A high-solids formula ensures maximum coverage and performance. Tough Coat delivers the ultimate in protection, durability, high gloss and color retention.


  • Specially formulated for a variety of industrial applications
  • Ideal for light- to heavy-duty painting projects, both indoors and outdoors
  • Tough, protective coating resists chipping and peeling
  • Dries to touch in 15 minutes
  • Features the EZ TOUCH® FANSPRAY® Nozzle
Product # SizeColorPDSSDSUPC
A01580007 12 oz.Safety Purple075577915804
A01150007 12 oz.Zinger Pink075577911509
A01003007 12 oz.International Harvester Red075577910038
A01005007 12 oz.Bright Red075577910052
A01101007 12 oz.Cherry Red075577911011
A01110007 12 oz.OSHA Red075577911103
A01212007 12 oz.Implement Orange075577912124
A01213007 12 oz.Joy Orange075577912131
A01210007 12 oz.Safety Orange075577912100
A01009007 12 oz.Federal Highway Yellow075577910090
A01310007 12 oz.OSHA Yellow075577913107
A01319007 12 oz.New Caterpillar Yellow075577000197
A01321007 12 oz.Old Caterpillar Yellow075577000210
A01415007 12 oz.Machine Green075577914159
A01445007 12 oz.Medium Green075577914456
A01470007 12 oz.OSHA Safety Green075577914708
A01485007 12 oz.Ivy Green (Tractor & Case Green)075577914852
A01540007 12 oz.Light Blue075577915408
A01510007 12 oz.OSHA Blue075577915101
A01008007 12 oz.Ford Blue075577910083
A01515007 12 oz.Dark Blue075577915156
A01305007 12 oz.Light Beige075577913053
A01285007 12 oz.Leather Brown075577912858
A01765007 12 oz.Gold075577917655
A01760007 12 oz.Aluminum075577917600
A01000007 12 oz.Clear Gloss075577910007
A01800007 12 oz.Safety White075577918003
A03720007 12 oz.Flat White075577937202
A01620007 12 oz.Machinery Gray075577916207
A01645007 12 oz.Light Gray075577916450
A01630007 12 oz.Industrial Gray075577916306
A01615007 12 oz.Medium Gray075577916153
A00325007 12 oz.Machinery Dark Gray075577903252
A00329007 12 oz.Machinery Blue Gray075577903290
A03727007 12 oz.Max Flat Black075577937271
A03725007 12 oz.Semi-Flat Black075577937257
A01770007 12 oz.Safety Black075577917709
A00324 12 oz.High Heat Aluminum075577903245
A00332 12 oz.High Heat Black075577903320
K01732007 12 oz.Rebar Green075577017324
A01812007 11 ozFluorescent Red075577918126
A01811007 11 ozFluorescent Orange075577918119
A01815007 11 ozFluorescent Electric Green075577918157
A00339007 12 oz.Red Oxide Rust Control Primer075577903399
A00342007 12 oz.Red Oxide Sandable Primer075577903429
A00344007 12 oz.Green Rust Inhibitor Primer075577903443
A00340007 12 oz.Gray Rust Control Primer075577903405
A00341007 12 oz.Light Gray Sandable Primer075577903412
A00345007 12 oz.Silver Zinc Primer075577040643
A00347007 12 oz.Stain Blocking Primer075577040674

Additional information

Case Pack Amt



Mineral spirits, turpentine (wet). When dry, lacquer thinner, stripper.

Corrosion Resistance

Good by itself. Excellent with primer, Turn

Dry to the Touch

15 minutes


Very Good

Gasoline & Oil Resistance

Film softens after 15 minutes




Very Good

Recoat Window

Up to 4 hours or after 5 days


Metal, Steel

VOC/MIR Compliant