TOUGH COAT® Alkyd Enamel


Tough Coat is an interior/exterior multi-purpose alkyd gloss enamel designed for new construction and industrial maintenance applications. This product’s high gloss finish makes it resistant to dirt and easy to clean.


  • Chip and flake resistant
  • Safe for incidental food contact
  • VOC compliant everywhere except SCAQMD, CARB and Utah
Product # ColorSizePDSSDSUPC
K00530101-16 OSHA Red1 gal.075577023394
K00530499-16 Safety Orange1 gal.075577023547
K00532910-16 Safety Yellow1 gal.075577023677
K00532910-20 OSHA Yellow5 gal.075577023684
K00532500-16 Aluminum1 gal.075577023622
K00532500-20 Aluminum5 gal.075577023639
K00530113-16 Gloss Black1 gal.075577023417
K00530113-20 Gloss Black5 gal.075577023424
K00537250-16 White Base 11 gal.075577023745
K00537250-20 White Base 15 gal.075577023752
K00537252-16 Deep Base 21 gal.075577023769
K00537252-20 Deep Base 25 gal.075577023776
K00537253-16 Clear Base1 gal.075577023783
K00537253-20 Clear Base5 gal.075577023790
K00538500-16 OSHA Safety Green1 gal.075577023691
K00538400-16 OSHA Blue1 gal.075577023585
K00538000-16 Tan1 gal.075577023486
K00538300-16 Gloss White1 gal.075577023523
K00538300-20 Gloss White5 gal.075577023530
K00538100-16 Light Machinery Gray1 gal.075577023493
K00538200-16 Dark Machinery Gray1 gal.075577023554


  • Can be used as packaged or tinted – Not compliant in OTC, LADCO or Canada

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Concrete, Metal, Steel, Wood