Waterborne Acrylic Enamel


Waterborne Acrylic Enamel is an interior/exterior, single component, corrosion-resistant DTM enamel designed for light- to moderate- duty industrial and commercial applications. It offers superior chemical resistance and outstanding color and gloss retention. Use for new construction or maintenance work.


  • Early rust and moisture resistance
  • Flash rust resistant
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • VOC compliant everywhere
Product # ColorSizePDSSDSUPC
K000Z6820-16 Gloss Safety Red1 gal.724504037675
K000Z6810-16 Gloss Black1 gal.724504037613
K000Z6671-16 Satin / White Base 11 gal.724504037989
K000Z6671-20 Satin / White Base 15 gal.724504037668
K000Z6672-16 Satin / Deep Base 21 gal.724504037729
K000Z6672-20 Satin / Deep Base 25 gal.724504037736
K000Z6673-16 Satin / Neutral Base 31 gal.724504037590
K000Z6673-20 Satin / Neutral Base 35 gal.724504037712
K000Z6761-16 Semi-Gloss / White Base 11 gal.724504037583
K000Z6761-20 Semi-Gloss / White Base 15 gal.724504037552
K000Z6762-16 Semi-Gloss / Deep Base 21 gal.724504037972
K000Z6762-20 Semi-Gloss / Deep Base 25 gal.724504037637
K000Z6763-16 Semi-Gloss / Neutral Base 31 gal.724504037767
K000Z6763-20 Semi-Gloss / Neutral Base 35 gal.724504037651
K000Z6841-16 Gloss / White Base 11 gal.724501037743
K000Z6841-20 Gloss / White Base 15 gal.724504037576
K000Z6842-16 Gloss / Deep Base 21 gal.724504037644
K000Z6842-20 Gloss / Deep Base 25 gal.724504037705
K000Z6843-16 Gloss / Neutral Base 31 gal.724504037774
K000Z6843-20 Gloss / Neutral Base 35 gal.724504037965
K000Z6840-16 Gloss Safety Yellow1 gal.724504037699


  • Can be used as packaged or tinted

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Concrete, Metal, Steel, Wood