QUIK-TAP™ Reusable Spray Device


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INTRODUCING KRYLON® INDUSTRIAL’S QUIK-TAP™ Reusable Spray Device for QUIK-MARK™ Paints! With a few easy twists, Quik-Tap allows you to get more paint out of each can, with easy disposal of empty cans in ANY recycling or waste bin. Punctured, empty cans minimize the need for hazardous waste disposal for you and your team.

Quik-Tap is ready to use in seconds and lasts for up to 130 cans. It works with the same Tallboy™ Quik-Mark paint, marking wand and Glove Grip™ cap you’ve come to rely on. It maximizes productivity, minimizes downtime and reduces supply runs back to the truck.


Quik-Tap is easy to assemble, and ready to use in seconds!

  1. Remove the existing cap and place it on top of the Quik-Tap device.
  2. While firmly holding the can, slowly twist the Quik-Tap device onto the can, until the edges meet. This will puncture the can and prepare it for use. Do not overtighten the device to the can.
  3. Now you are ready to insert the can into your wand and begin marking!

It’s easy to remove the Quik-Tap device from an empty spray can!

  1. Remove the empty can from your marking wand.
  2. While firmly holding the can away from your body, slowly twist off the Quik-Tap device. You may hear the release of some remaining propellant.
  3. The empty can is now ready to be recycled or thrown away in ANY trash receptacle. Because the can is punctured and empty, there is no need to dispose with hazardous waste or in a special dumpster.
  4. Reminder: Smoking is prohibited during removal of the Quik-Tap device. Do NOT remove the Quik-Tap device unless can is empty of paint.

Your Quik-Tap device is now ready for use on the next can!


  1. For best use, it is critical to properly shake the can to mix the propellant and paint. Hold the can at the top and swing the bottom of the can in a circle until the mixing ball travels freely. Shake vertically for 30 seconds to ensure ideal mixing.
  2. It’s important to clear the valve after each use. Should you have a clogged valve on a can with paint still in it, do NOT remove the Quik-Tap from the can. Set this can aside and put a new Quik-Tap device onto a new can and start fresh. Dispose of the clogged can as hazardous waste, per local ordinances.
  3. Do not over-tighten or cross-thread the Quik-Tap device to the can.


  1. Due to the release of flammable propellants, smoking is not recommended near any aerosol can. This is especially important during the assembly and removal of the Quik-Tap, as small amounts of propellant may be released into the air.
  2. This is a pressurized can. When attaching or removing the Quik-Tap device, it is important to keep a firm grip on both the can of paint and the Quik-Tap device.
  3. Be sure to use all of the paint in the can before removing the Quik-Tap device to avoid wasted paint and involuntary spray.
  4. Do not over-tighten or cross-thread the Quik-Tap device.